Sunday, April 13, 2008

Friday Quilts (on Sunday)

Okay so the blocks are all pieced together and it's time to put them up on the design wall. Oh, but I don't have a design wall. My so-called quilt studio is the dining room! I taped a flannel blanket to the china cabinet, and that will be my design wall. The blocks will just kind of stick in place on the flannel and I can move them around if I want to change their position. 

Here is the stack of over a hundred of the hexagons. They are kinda sorta separated into reds, yellows, purples, and black backgrounds.

I have started putting them up on the design wall. They will kind of flow into the next color if I can place them well enough. There are so many blocks that there is alot of moving and switching around going on. The color isn't showing up too well here - I think I forgot to adjust the photos in IPhoto, sorry. Or maybe I forgot to use the flash.

I'm getting there. This is pretty time-consuming because after you put some up, you find another one in the same colors and you have to make a place for it. Then you have to find some blenders to help it flow on to the next area.

Shortly after I took this picture, I put the last block in its place down near the bottom. I walked around the table to pick up the camera, and Horror of Horrors! The dang blanket came loose and all the blocks fell on the floor! DOH! 

I'm so crushed. All that time spent arranging them just so. I had to walk away. Just turn my back and walk away. Sigh. I need a real studio with a real design wall. I need a million bucks.

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DrillerAA said...

I just stopped by to push you further over the edge.
Thanks for the kind words over at Brainfreeze. They are appreciated. Come back anytime.