Monday, April 7, 2008

Dishwasher, Part 2

Well, I faxed all the info to Bosch last Thursday and haven't heard a thing. I called today and gave my "file number". Good news! They recognized that I had a file on record. That's a good sign, right? So after a minute the gal says that the file is waiting for the manager's approval. I asked how long that was going to take. She says it will take up to 72 hours from last Thursday. Heh. Okaaay. Then she says if I haven't heard from them by tomorrow afternoon, to call them on Wednesday. After I hung up I started thinking about warranties. I haven't read the fine print, but I will bet that we have to pay for installation of the replacement machine. Is that fair?! For a dishwasher that only worked for 3 weeks? We'll see, but if that is the case, I won't be so nice about it. That's just not right. It's their defective machine! I better go read the fine print before I get hot and bothered.

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