Friday, April 25, 2008

Friday Quilts... on Friday!

It's really difficult arranging the One-Block Wonder blocks in a totally satisfying design. I'll change one or two and walk away.Since it's set up in the dining room, I see it every time I walk into the kitchen. Taking pictures really helps. Sometimes seeing the design in a different perspective makes certain blocks or colors stick out in a way that you didn't see when you were standing right in front of it. If your computer's picture program allows you to change the photo to black and white, it creates a great contrast between the darker background and the lighter patterns. Anyway, I thought I was done so I took this picture.

But when I looked at it on the computer, I decided that the reds and yellows needed to be tightened up a bit. So I changed a few more blocks around. I'm happier with it now. When I first started (see earlier post about this project), I was getting frustrated trying to blend the red and yellow blocks in with the yellow and light purples. I finally took the whole thing down and started over. Sometimes it's best to either walk away or start over. Now that I'm set on the design, I'll re-pin the whole thing into vertical rows and begin sewing them together.

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Laura said...

where did all the purple go???? every single arrangement is great!