Thursday, March 27, 2008

Sighs.... of disappointments and relief

Well, VT lost to Ol Miss. That was a real bummer. Major bummer. Crushing. Disappointing. Did I mention bummer? Oh well, they have a good team with a bunch of up and coming freshmen so I predict they will just get better and better each year. Will had such a blast at the games with friends, screaming, painting their faces and hair, and just the whole experience - it just cements his love for the school all the more with each day. VT is so great about giving students access to the games and events - he even got to go to the Baseball game when the Yankees came and played a couple of weeks ago. As a Yankee fan, that was really neat. I can't say enough good things about Virginia Tech. I am thrilled that Will loves it so much.
Now if I could just get Steven to feel the same way.... he did visit York College and ...... drumroll please...... hated it! Ha! I'm kind of glad but also sad because I do hope he finds a school to love the way his brother does. So I asked him what it was that he didn't like in particular and he said the surrounding town seemed really depressed and that the school itself seemed too small. Okay, those are concrete elements that can help narrow a list of schools. Ahem, Blacksburg, VA is a great college town..... and the campus is not too small either..... ahem, just saying! Steven wants to be able to ski - I reminded him that Will's roommate went skiing almost every other weekend in Jan and Feb. Just putting that into the hopper, ya know.

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Dr. Electro said...

The broderie perse design is beautiful, Amy! I love it. I can hardly wait to see more.