Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Go Tech!

Well, no close up of my baby at the game although we did get just a glimpse of him in the final seconds of the game. He was cheering like crazy in the split second we saw! It must be such a blast to be at a college game like that, surrounded by at least hundreds, if not thousands, of fellow students all revved up over the same thing. Sure beats watching it on TV. Then again, watching it on your own TV, curled up on your own sofa, without an obnoxious fan screaming in your ear...... and no line for snacks or the bathroom... hmm, staying home sounds pretty good! It was a fun game to watch. I hope Virginia Tech can keep the momentum going. The next game is tomorrow night.
Today is the first really pretty day in quite awhile. The sun is shining and the crocuses are blooming. I feel like spring is really around the corner. In fact, I'm feeling so chipper that I even bought fabric for a new project! 

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