Friday, March 21, 2008

Friday Quilts

I think I'll make every Friday a quilt day. I'll put up a picture of either a finished quilt (by me), a current quilt project, or a vintage quilt from my collection. Today's quilt is the one in the April 2008 issue of McCalls Quilting Magazine. It was made from the Katmandu line of fabric from Mark Lipinski*. Actually I made this quilt for Mark for the 2007 Spring Quilt Market to help debut the new line. His booth was just amazing - filled to the rim with projects such as clothing, bags, quilts, embellished works of arts - it was really beautiful. If you haven't already seen this fabric line, get thee hence to your quilt shop and get some! It's perfect for embellishing, but just as great for regular piecework. I'm not much of an artsy-fartsy quilter, much prefer the traditional patterns with a twist. This is about as artsy as I get!
*I'll write about Mark one of these days. He's one of my most favorite people in my little quilting world.

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