Thursday, June 4, 2009

8th grade DC trip, Part 1

I went with Mae on the 8th grade field trip to Washington DC last week. It was a mostly fun trip except for the parts where Mae complained about walking. We arrived around noon on Tuesday and had a picnic lunch at Lafayette Park, which is just across from the White House. It was still drizzling so we ate standing up and walking around. The squirrels were very cute. At first. Look at this darling black one - he stood just a few feet from Mae. I threw him a piece of bread. Can we just say MISTAKE!

Every other squirrel in the park came out of the woodwork, or at least the trees. This guy was literally 2 feet from my face! I started getting nervous. I put the camera down and realized that we were surrounded by at least 30 of them, and they were stepping on my own feet. How I refrained from shrieking and running away, I don't know.

I pulled Mae along, listening to her complain that they were just friendly and they'd probably let her pet them. Sigh. She couldn't see the beady eyes that were gauging how far they'd have to climb up our legs to rip our food away. We walked to the other side of the park. I had no idea whose house this was, but there were demonstrators marching up and down protesting nuclear bombs or something. It took me a second to realize it's the White House. Yeah, THE White House. It's alot smaller in real life. There are houses in my town that are bigger, but then who needs all that room anyway. Ignore the chocolate on Mae's teeth. Pretend we are country bumpkins.

My most favorite place in DC will have to be the Library of Congress. Never mind all the historical and artistic treasures in its many collections, or the fact that every book ever published is here, the building itself was gorgeous. The tour guides were all welcoming and gracious. Mae was allowed to touch EVERYTHING. That was so cool, because it meant I could too! This was part of the ceiling in one of the rooms. All marble and each little square was less than a half inch. The designs were inspiring...

Even the floors were marble - doesn't this look like a quilt to be?

My next original quilt is going to be a medallion - here's my inspiration.

Even the ceilings were amazing. I took a bunch of pictures here but after looking at them on the computer I realized I concentrated on design elements that are probably boring to other people.

We went to the Capitol Building as well. I won't bother going there ever again. Snotty, unfriendly guides. I didn't see a single one there who smiled - at all - EXCEPT for the lady whose job was sitting inside the elevator. She was very nice; probably because she was lonely. It was really weird how they made a big deal about having to have a few people use their elevators. Hello! Never mind the girl with the cane, what about the kid in the wheelchair? How DO you expect him to manage the stairs?! Sigh. Mae wasn't allowed to touch anything in here. I felt like the pic I took outside was indicative of the inside. An armed guard to shoot you if you screw up and an ambulance to take you away immediately.

This was the only thing I took a picture of inside the Capitol Building. It was on the ceiling of course. If you click the picture to see it bigger, you may notice the lady in the center is George Washington in drag. I kid you not. My mind has forgotten the guide's explanation of the artist's intention, I was too mind boggled at my own thought that dang, those revolutionists were quite the swingers!

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DrillerAA09 said...

Thanks for the tour. My bride and I would love to tour D.C. one of these days. I think spending about a week at the Smithsonian would be wonderful. Then there's there's the Air & Space Museum, Arlington National Cemetery, and The Mall. Maybe next year.
I will remember not to feed the squirrels.