Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Before and after

Second to go, but first to be replaced was the oven. The cooktop just cracked out of the blue one day while Steven was cooking bacon. It would cost at least an arm to replace the part, so we decided to get a new one. Which meant a matching microwave, of course.

And after:
The first thing to go and just installed today were the lights. One of the globes of the island light just slipped out and shattered all over the kitchen. Steven and friends were making lunch at the time... notice the common denominator? Haha, really though, none of it was Steven's fault, but I got to rag on him anyway. The island light never matched the table light for some reason. It was one of those things that we said we'd take care of when we bought the house, but here it is 16 years later...

And after:


Sweet Momma said...

ouchhhhh!. . .aaahhhh!!!!!!!
Our refrigerator,dishwasher, and washing machine all decided to have problems this year. They are only 5 years old. Fortunately, repairmen restored them to proper functioning.

springchickens said...

can't wait to see them. And the jackleg has nothing to do with them, either, hehehe