Monday, May 25, 2009


I had about 3 months to work on this art quilt panel, but I couldn't decide what to do. I was supposed to represent the element of Earth in a setting that was determined by the first panel in this series (the other 3 elements are Air, Fire, and Water). I finally decided to show everything overgrown - in hindsight I wish I'd taken a pic of Air to show the difference. The setting is very similar, but here, less water is visible,  the tree is bigger, the greenery is lush and overgrown, there are rocks, and the fence is slightly askew.

I like the girl. She was initially going to be Mother Nature in a rocking chair (like an old lady with a grey bun), but the first two panels of this have a young girl with long hair so I kept her the same. The rocking chair and the long dress sort of age her a little.

I added a little bit of vines to the fence. And the ferns were a last minute addition.


Laura said...

looks hard and time consuming.I also would have preferred a middle aged woman rather than a young one-what do they know? NOTHING!

Sweet Momma said...

Awesome! You do such fine work.

Anonymous said...

is this for ME????????

I love it.