Sunday, June 1, 2008

Phillies game

Bill and I went to a Phillies game in Philadelphia last night. I've always thought of Philadelphia as being a good two hours away. I don't know why, must be all those times I got lost and ended up on that one road with no exits for 20 miles - I think it's Rt 76 (I could tell you stories about that road, sigh). Anyway, it only took an hour and 20 minutes tops to get to the stadium. That's almost the same amount of time it takes us to get to Yankee Stadium. What an impressive stadium it is - I think it's called Commerce Bank Stadium or something like that. They really should all be named after the team that plays there, not after some corporate contributor. Holy Moly, it's so much better than Yankee Stadium! I know, can't believe I just said that! But it really is very nice. The seats are angled toward the pitcher's mound. There are various dining choices and even drinking establishments (no, not just beer). At Yankee Stadium, your choices are dirty dogs, hot sausage rolls, peanuts, beer, and soda. That's pretty much it. At the Phillies, you can get a cheesesteak sandwich, hoagies, hot dogs, steak roll-ups, chicken, pizza... I'm forgetting a couple of places.... barbeque? Obviously food is important to my enjoyment of a baseball game, haha. They played the Florida Marlins, and I'm pretty sure the Phillies lost. The score was 2-6 when we left. It was a fun outing for Bill and me.


Amy, aka ABB said...
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DrillerAA said...

I love major leage baseball when I can go to the park and enjoy the game. We're 4 hours from the Royals and 6 hours from the Rangers. Hardly seems worth the drive to see those two teams play.
We now have a AA minor league team about 20 minutes away. That is great fun. The worst seats in the house would be reserved box seats at a major league game. Enjoy your summer.