Saturday, May 3, 2008

One Block Wonder Update

Still working on it. I did change just a very few around one more time.... must... resist... look away...... walk away...... So I finally went through the whole process of re-pinning the whole shebangaroo into vertical rows. Then each vertical row comes off in one piece and is taken to the sewing machine. Carefully, each piece is unpinned and sewn - one at a time. If I mess up the order now, it won't form its beautiful hexagon shape when the complete rows are joined. Then I pin the row back up in its place on the design wall. It's almost halfway done.
You know, this project uses a ton of pins. I'm not sure the book even mentions that. Surely it must. I have pins coming out the wazoo, so quantity wasn't a problem, and as I went along, I threw out any that seemed dull or bent. Multi-tasking, you know!

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