Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Shiitake Mushroom Harvest

Remember when Bill and I prepared those logs about 2 years ago with the mushroom plugs? They take about 2 years to "mature" or whatever it is they do, then you can harvest for about 10 years after that. I'd kind of forgotten all about them until Bill looked at them a few weeks ago. Well....
The mushrooms are coming! The mushrooms are coming! Actually this is harvest #2.

Here they are washed and drying... guess what's for dinner? This is just one of two cleaned batches... yeah, a big harvest. I'm going to be pretty sick of shiitakes after a few nights of these. We'll have to give away a ton of them.

The first harvest had a ton of little bugs in the gills and it took alot of rinsing to get them all out. The weather was still warm so that's probably why there were so many. But we've had temps dropping into the 40s at night in the past week. No bugs this time. We also took the logs up to the lake and dunked them into the water overnight (brrr). Left 3 logs up there and brought these 4 home.  2 weeks later, they exploded with mushrooms! I expect at least as many in the next 2 weeks. Anybody know any way to preserve them other than drying?

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Anonymous said...

Awesome! I hope you're still harvesting!