Friday, November 18, 2011


Getting set up for weaving... here is the swift on the left and the ball winder to the right. Mom and Janie, I fixed the swift's missing top by using one of those wide rubber bands from broccoli along with cotton string. Seems to be working so far! The swift takes a skein of yarn and unwinds it as the ball winder re-winds the yarn into a ball (also called a cake).

Here is my new (old) loom. It's a 32" weaving width 8 shaft-10 treadles Loomcraft. It feels so much sturdier than the Norwood or even the Artisat, mostly because this isn't portable! It is firmly ensconced in the dining room but out of sight of the great room so Bill doesn't have to actually SEE it. His only comment so far was just that it was big. Heh. Locking pins are holding the beater stationary for now. It came with the tilt seat bench.

Here's the back of it. The back beam flips up for when I need to thread the heddles. I also have a home-made replacement warp beam that's more like the cloth beam... maybe I'll switch it out if I can't get used to this large one that's already on here.

For Mom and Dad (and Janie), this is the wedge trick I read about that helps to elevate the shafts to different levels to make threading the million heddles a little bit easier. I don't think a doorstop would be big enough after putting in this nearly empty cone. I just raised the shafts and inserted this in the space in the middle (bigger end toward the front of the loom).

Hopefully you can see how the heddles on each of these 4 shafts are at staggered levels - I think this will be better than trying to paint the heddles different colors.

When I get this all threaded and get some weaving done, I'll post a picture of what this scarf is going to look like. I am doing a draft from this article online

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Amy, aka ABB said...

I'm only using 4 shafts for this, so only 4 shafts are being lifted by the cone. I do think that the elevation of the highest shaft makes me have to sit a little bit lower to the ground... but then I still haven't found the right seat for sitting that low without ending up on the floor!