Saturday, November 1, 2008

Freak snowstorm... no power

It started off as a rainy day, but sometime mid-morning, it became beautiful large, fluffy snowflakes. I took a couple of pictures thinking how pretty it was against the lush green and gold of the trees which are still full of leaves. This was the view out my front door. It wasn't sticking to the driveway yet.

Shortly thereafter, the power went out. After a few hours, it still looked pretty, but I started getting worried about the road conditions. The kids were held at school a little longer to give the road crews more time to deal with the roads and the few broken trees and limbs. This was the view out my bedroom window. You can see the tree limbs starting to droop under the weight of the wet snow.

I took this one looking up into the tops of the trees. So pretty.

Power came back on late Thursday night. We drove through our area that afternoon and what a mess. Sawed off tree trunks on the sides of the roads, live wires that had burned the ground were taped up awaiting repair, and the growl of generators were heard almost everywhere.

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Angie said...

It's way too early for that stuff!! I'm just not ready for winter this year.