Saturday, July 12, 2008

One-Block Wonder quilt- almost done

All I have left is the border and the binding. I hung it up to see how all the quilting of the hexagons looked, and would you believe, you can't see a thing! Oh well. I did end up ripping the stitches out of seven hexagons from the first two rows I quilted and redoing them. And after I said I wasn't going too! Since the variegated thread isn't going to show up, I may just do a simple meander on the borders. Picture coming soon. I put the camera in a safe place......

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Anonymous said...

hello! i love this quilt and have been reading about it on your blog... i am about to embark on the 'one block wonder' journey myself!! i was wondering how big is the finished quilt??? i am so excited to begin this project!